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  • New market opportunities for linen and kraft paper packaging bags

    According to Smithers’ latest research report “Future Global Burlap and Kraft Paper Packaging Bag Market in 2025″, the global Burlap and Kraft paper packaging bag market is expected to reach 16.16 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Due to the economic chaos caused by the global new c...
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  • Covid-19 Reshaping the Global Printing Market

    Effective vaccination will help countries around the world to resume normal economic activities. The rebound of the printing market is not unexpected. Driven by packaging and targets, the global printing market will recover to 752.8 billion yuan in 2021. By 2030, the global printing market is exp...
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  • Six global trends driving the development of the FMCG packaging industry

    The data shows that the scale of the national packaging market is about 1.5 trillion yuan, and there are as many as 300,000 packaging and printing companies, of which there are more than 20,000 enterprises above designated size, and about 90% are small and medium-sized enterprises. The flexible p...
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  • China’s newsprint output further drops in 2020, prices continue to fall

    1. Industry chain Newsprint, also known as white newspaper, is the main paper used in newspapers and books. It is suitable for the main text of newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic strips, etc. Newsprint is produced from mechanical wood pulp (or other chemical pulp), which contains a large a...
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  • European book industry strives to promote recovery

    Under the impact of the epidemic, many brick-and-mortar bookstores in Europe are facing difficulties such as a sharp decline in their turnover and the rupture of the capital chain. In response to this, physical bookstores in many countries actively carried out self-help and explored compound deve...
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  • Paper prices have soared, what should the printing and publishing industry do?

    “Upstream paper prices have skyrocketed, and downstream customers have continued to fall.” Starting from August 2020, domestic finished papers (cultural paper, packaging paper, and household paper) have frequently raised prices, especially since this year, the main packaging paper, cu...
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  • Laminating Technology in Printing 2

    4. Adding and putting powder spraying. In order to adapt to multi-color high-speed printing, powder spraying technology is often used in offset printing to solve the drawbacks of smearing on the back. Powder spraying is mostly composed of cereal starch and natural suspended substances. The anti-s...
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  • Laminating Technology in Printing

    1. The thickness of the ink layer of the printed matter. On-site prints with thick ink layers are often difficult to bond with plastic films, and will soon delamination and blisters. This is because the thick ink layer changes the porous surface characteristics of the paper, closes the pores of t...
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  • The 11th China Printing and Packaging Academic Annual Conference was held

    From November 26th to 29th, the 11th China Printing and Packaging Academic Annual Conference and Technology Integration Innovation Development Forum jointly sponsored by China Academy of Printing Science and Technology and South China University of Technology was held in Guangzhou. The theme of t...
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  • cardboard book

    You may have read a workbook. It is a book with pictures on every page. Each picture is slightly different from the last picture, so if you flip through the book quickly, you will get some animation effects. We like the German word Daumenkino, which is translated as “thumb cinema”, wh...
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  • Why Catalogs Are Making a ComebackNavigation MenuAccount MenuSearch MenuClose menuSearch

    Just like the evolution of the retail landscape, catalogs have also evolved – they should no longer be a rambling collection of product pages reminiscent of Sears’ golden days. Instead, firms need to focus on designing stunning imagery and creative presentation of products to evoke emotion, blend...
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  • Learning From Choosing Inclusive Books for Our Children

    When I was pregnant with my son, I approached buying and registering for baby items with methodical research. I was a soon-to-be first-time mom who knew that she didn’t really know much about babies. So, I armed myself with information, hoping that if I learned enough about car seats, strollers, ...
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